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Archive of: Fund Lesbian Projects

Come And Meet The Queens Of Tiwi Island

This thriving gay and trans community have opened their doors to VICE’s film crew.

ABC Telemovie 'Riot' Goes Into Production

The story of the unwavering dedication of the activists in Australia’s Gay Rights Movement in the 1970s

What Is Love? New Aussie Doco Series Explores Diverse Genders & Sexualities

Baby don’t hurt me.

FAFSWAG: Auckland’s Underground Vogue Scene

Premiering tonight, the New Zealand LGBTQI Pacific Arts Collective is headlining the brand new doco series Zealandia.

Dancing With Her

Finally, a wedding magazine for same-sex brides!

‘Supay’ Explores Love Against All Odds

This film follows a lesbian couple in Peru calling upon Andean magic to fight discrimination.

A Roller Derby Colouring Book Is Coming

Have derby in your life everyday!

Queer Quest Is The New Lesbian Themed Video Game

The creators have kicked off a kick-starter campaign to fund the game!

‘I Know You Are’ Kicks Off Crowdfunding For Dramedy Web Series

This new dramedy explores the personal sacrifices we make for those we know and love the most.

Crowdfunding Campaign Kicks Off For New Lesbian Indie Thriller

Léa is not your typical low-budget horror film.

Living Room Theatre Co. Presents ‘Boston Marriage’

This Melbourne based independent theatre is in need of support.

Crowdfunding Begins For New Lesbian Character Drama

These UK filmmakers want to portray authentic LGBT characters without film cliches.

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