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Transgender Woman Sets to Claim Identity in Novel

Learn her story and how she wants to live her truth

What Is Love? New Aussie Doco Series Explores Diverse Genders & Sexualities

Baby don’t hurt me.

Singling Out: How I Learned the Lesson of Visibility

And how to construct your own kid-friendly vocabulary for LGBTI understanding.

Consent Culture: 5 Lessons You Need To Learn

Consent is not optional: what the queer community can teach and learn about sexual and gender consent.

Kristin Collier And Living Harmoniously As A Transfamily

'Housewife: Home-remaking in a Transgender Marriage' will be out mid November.

Electronic Duo Soto Voce Release Must Hear Debut Single

'Better' is accompanied with a music video that expresses the importance of self-acceptance.

Trans Rights Campaign #GiveItARest Extremely Popular

An exploding demand has already lead to thousands of stickers being put up across America.

Transgender Population At ‘Margins Of Society'

A new paper highlights the need for public support and education to better understand transgender community.

Living Between Genders: Gender Dysphoria And Autism

Trans people with autism express a gender at odds with societal expectations, or reject the male-female divide entirely. Many are breaking new ground on how identity is defined.

Transgender Day Of Visibility Celebrated Around The World

March 31 marks an international day of transgender pride and visibility.

New York City Signs Gender Identity-Appropriate Public Restroom Use Into Law

The New York City Mayor has signed an executive order that will allow people to use public facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

American School Scared Into Cancelling Reading Of A Book By A Transgender Teen

A lesson in acceptance and anti-bullying is crushed by a hate group.

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