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Archive of: Older Lesbian

#metoo Is Powerful, But Has Some Problems Too

Al Franken is a role model for repentance.

The Ex Files: Can Loss Be A Life Lesson?

Years after the breakups, I'm grateful to my exes.

Uniting To Launch New Fandangled Tech-Based Support For Ageing LGBTI Community

The online education platform will train aged-care providers to meet LGBTI specific necessities.

Self-Defense For Women In 2017

Part one of our interview with the wonderful feminist self-defense activist, Meg Stone.

The Value In Taking Your Time

Impatient for your lesbian life to begin? Some words of wisdom from an older lesbian.

Exploitation Of Older People In Retirement Homes

Elderly Abuse is not only real—it's frequent and it's everywhere.

My First Gay Pride Parade

For an older lesbian, one historic Gay Pride parade—and Harvey Milk—was enough to set her on her own course.

The Power Of Human Connection

Why genuine human connection is important now more than ever.

Remember Charlie?

Seeking a permanent home for Charlie.

Victorian Seniors Festival Includes LGBTI Activities

Celebrate Victoria’s seniors throughout October.

St. Ives Home Care Launches Rainbow Initiative

The new initiative safeguards the needs of the older LGBTI community.

Breaking-Up And Brexit

The personal becomes political when my ex and I feel Bregret.

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