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Ellie Bravo

About "Across The Lough".

Not In The Mood

A company function I would happily boycott.

Emotional Nightmare

Never again, I won't fight for this anymore...


All shapes and sizes.

Friday Evening...

The Concert.

Team Bravo

It's time to fight back!

Misty Mind

...She doesn't love me enough.

Crock Pot

“How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

Shop & Drive

What does a woman do when she's unhappy?...She goes shopping.

Things Happen For a Reason...

When a series of events take place, and don't turn out like we've expected, it takes a while for us to understand why...

My Ex

In the reception Kat holds out her arms in greeting but I still feel the warmth of Maria’s lips on mine and the passion that surged through me in the kitchen and I turn my cheek from her kiss.

Friday Afternoon

Chemistry can be almost unbearable sometimes...

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