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The Bushrangers: Melbourne, Brisbane & Auckland's First LGBTQI Basketball Club

The club has two major focuses: community outreach and the support/protection of player base.

From Tomboys And Butch Dykes To Anything Goes

Women have been playing Australian rules football since the early 20th century. But the widespread acceptance of women as capable and elite footballers is a relatively new phenomenon, largely fuelled by the recent support of the AFL media.

The Gay Games Are Still Relevant. Here’s Why

One of the aims of the Gay Games was to combat homophobia in sports. They have very inclusive policies and practices that provide a progressive model for mainstream sport to emulate.

Un-Doing The Traditional Ballroom Lead And Follow

Even if there was greater racial diversity in international dance sport, same-sex couples would not be able to dance on the competition floor

Lifesavers With Pride 2019

After 111 years of lifesaving around the country, Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) is reaching out to its clubs to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for the LGBTIQ community.

Homophobic Language Rife In Ice Hockey

Homophobic and sexist language is rife across the Australia’s professional ice hockey community, with nearly three-quarters of players admitting to using derogatory slurs on the rink, new research by Monash University in Australia shows.

LGBTIQ Footballers Advocate For Change

Launching a new organisation to promote LGBTIQ participation in football.

AFL Getting Gayed Up In Biggest Rural Pride Game Ever

There’ll be nought but rainbows town-wide.

LOTL Is Hitting The Streets For The City2Surf And So Should You

LOTL are calling on you to join our team in the City2Surf to raise much needed funds for breast cancer research.

Woman's Football: A Whole Other Ball-Game

Looking back at the history of women's soccer.

Michelle Heyman – Kicking Goals For The LGBTI Community

Australian LGBTI Sportsperson of the Year talks on women’s sport, being a gay athlete and her new genderless clothing brand.

AFL's Erin Phillips' Kiss Causes Pandemonium

Australian AFL player Erin Phillips makes LGBT players in sport more visible after kissing her wife at an awards ceremony.

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