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Magnum Ice Cream Ad Accused of ‘Ramming Lesbianism Down Our Throats’

An advertising spot featuring a lesbian wedding has sparked outrage from conservative viewers.

Click Is The Newest Lesbian Dating App

Disappearing lesbian bars inspired this apps creation.

Jessica Marais And Shannon Dooley Dating

The couple were spotted having a cuddle on the beach.

Anti-Marriage Equality Leaflet Disguised As Christmas Gift

School bus driver handed out golden envelopes they thought were presents.

Radio DIVA Welcomes Spectacular Guests This Week

YouTube stars Rose and Rosie visit Heather and Rosie in the studio!

Former 'Brady Bunch' Star Fired Following Homophobic Rant

Olsen's termination was announced on December 9.

Sophie Walker And Kiki Archer On The Latest Radio DIVA

Don't miss another packed week in the Radio Diva studio!

Comedian Sarah Keyworth Visits Radio DIVA

This week’s amazing episode of Radio DIVA is here!

Radio DIVA Introduces DIVA Discovers

Founder of Diversity Role Models, Suran Dickson visits the show.

Exciting News For Radio DIVA Fans

Heather Peace to co-produce Radio DIVA with Rosie Wilby.

Filmmakers Bianca and Rebekah Biasi Advocate For Marriage Equality

The couple offers advice on finding peace in negative experiences.

Controversy Surrounds Suspension of Feast Festival’s General Manager

Unprofessional conduct is overshadowed in the media by claims of ‘heterophobia’

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