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Book Reviews: Fantasy

Finding Fire – Sheila Powell & Liz McMullen

White and dark magic fight a family feud.

Shira Glassman's 'The Olive Conspiracy'

Book four in the Mangoverse series is a diverse and warm queer story.

Sapphic Vintage Mysticism Sparkles In 'The Great Bravura' By Jill Dearman

Prose and conjurers link like a magician’s rings in this tale of midcentury mysticism. Now you “seer,” now you don’t!

"The Light Of The World" Review

Urban fantasy with a difference.

Lesbian Romance Meets Awesome Fantasy: The Tales of Y’Myran Series

Banshee's Honor: Tales of Y'Myran Book One by Shaylynn Rose

"Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory" by Barbara Ann Wright

What’s not to like about Lady Vikings, monsters and magic?

Slow Burn by Marlene Leach

This is a dark urban fantasy with a surprising twist in the tale.

“Deceptions” - Lauren Maddison

Mystery meets magic: The Connor Hawthorne series

Heather Rose Jones' "Daughter of Mystery"

An unusually thought-provoking fantasy.

Rhavensfyre's "Ladysmith"

A definite pleaser...two gorgeous women, fantasy, intrigue and an evil step-mother!

A Linda North Book - Deep Merge

Lesbian Sci-fi merging two very different cultures.

Wisdom Beyond Her Years by J-L Heylen

Ariel died in 2017. She awakes 192 years later, her mind in a 19 year old cloned body. She is underground, in post-apocalyptic Sydney. She meets the captivating Carla, who offers Ariel help to adjust, but Carla has a personal agenda for Ariel too.

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