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Book Reviews: Family and Parenting

G. Benson's All The Little Moments: A Review

Parenting 101 for a reluctant aunt who needs to raise her brother’s children.

"Heather Has Two Mommies" – Lesléa Newman

Groundbreaking LGBT-friendly children’s book gets a welcome update.

Out On The Panhandle by RE Bradshaw

A joyful celebration of life, love, family, and the old and new West.

Teaching The Cat To Sit

A book about coming-of-age under difficult circumstances, TEACHING THE CAT TO SIT is ultimately a story about family and reconciling one’s past and present

LOVE is the colour of the rainbow by Kathy Parra

Eco Friendly Children’s Book

Your Family Series By Michelle Forte

Every book in the series explains why each child is so loved and is so special.

We are Water by Wally Lamb

Annie's past finally catches up to her with tragic consequences. We Are Water is ultimately a story of betrayal, redemption, secrets, and in the end, love, particularly between Annie and Viveca

The Long Legged Stork By Michelle Forte

A children’s picture book about diverse families

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