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Ellen and Portia coming down under

Hot US power lesbians, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi will travel to Australia in March to tape episodes of the talkshow host's show.

Ruby Rose on the silver screen

Did you catch the premiere of Ruby Rose's TropFest film? Check it out.

Magda Szubanski comes out

Comedienne Magda Szubanski has chosen to reveal on prime time television show The Project she is gay.

Ruby Rose to host music festival

Former LOTL cover girl Ruby Rose has teamed up with JVC to bring the music festival experience straight to you (literally).

Ellen Page To Play Lesbian

Ellen Page will play Stacie Andree, a New Jersey car mechanic who fought to receive pension benefits from her police offer partner Laurel Hester after death.

Tegan and Sara – sainthood

I’m a little daunted going into this. Already on iTunes and throughout the music press Sainthood is being praised like nobodies business.

Ellen DeGeneres: Superhero

We always suspected she was really Superwoman

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