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Fertility Counselling Can Give You The Support You Need

Bringing a child into the world as a lesbian parent is very exciting, but it can also involve physical and emotional challenges to overcome.

Why Do Bi Women Suffer The Worst Mental Health?

Allegedly more likely to experience mental health problems… Four bi women explore why.

Christianity And Homosexuality

How do you consolidate your faith as a Christian and your lifestyle as a lesbian?

The Power Of Human Connection

Why genuine human connection is important now more than ever.

Queer Women Are More Likely To Travel

The latest travel trends shows who's dominating the road less travelled!

Woman's Football: A Whole Other Ball-Game

Looking back at the history of women's soccer.

Transgender Autobiography: Finding Nevo

Autobiography of 21-year-old transgender activist Nevo Zisin is about gender and everything that comes with it.

Magnum Ice Cream Ad Accused of ‘Ramming Lesbianism Down Our Throats’

An advertising spot featuring a lesbian wedding has sparked outrage from conservative viewers.

AFL's Erin Phillips' Kiss Causes Pandemonium

Australian AFL player Erin Phillips makes LGBT players in sport more visible after kissing her wife at an awards ceremony.

OMGB: Why Great Britain Is The Place To Be In 2017

Great Britain is definitely somewhere to add to your travel hot list in 2017.

Discover Great Britain

Your guide to Manchester and Brighton.

Genea's LGBTIQ Fertility Options Information Evening

If you missed out on their last event this is your chance to secure your place, but get in quickly as places are limited.

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