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Overwhelming Support For Marriage Equality In Taiwan

New public polls show 71 percent of people in Taiwan support marriage equality.

The History of October 11th & 12th

Two Important Dates for LGBTs in October.

"Stonewall" - A Slightly Whiter Version

So many people are boycotting what is said to be the biggest LGBT movie of the year.

Cooking With Muxes, Mexico’s Third Gender

Learn more about muxes in Juchitán who identify neither as men nor women.

Helping Ireland Say “I Do”

How Irish citizens in Australia can help the LGBT community and Yes Equality campaign

Does It Really Matter?

Race is pointless.

Surviving Bullying and Becoming An Active Bystander

Hey, Pocahontas!

True Love is Hard to Find…So Why Put Restrictions On It?

The face of marriage inequality.

We Are Family – Australian Centre for Photography

Come to this free event where you can hear from exhibiting artists Annie Magdalena Laerkesen and Waded, and watch a revealing film ‘Gayby Baby’.

GLBTQI Social and Support Group

A GLBTQI Social and Support Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has started meeting in Maroubra.

Lessons From A Muslim Lesbian

The outstanding life of Irshad Manji and what we can learn.

Finding a Way Forward: Coming Out in Taiwan

In Taiwan, being a young butch lesbian can be a cultural challenge, especially when coming out to a family with traditional values. Pat Hsu shares her story with us.

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