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Archive of: Religion and Spirituality

Alternative Voice on Marriage Equality for Catholics

Australian Catholics for Equality aim for reform and LGBTIQ inclusivity

Release Of LGBT Catholics Video: OwningOurFaith

Watch the moving, short film that encourages the full acceptance of LGBT individuals in the Catholic Church

An Unstoppable Force Influencing Donna Gordon’s Journey

Cost of Truth describes a woman’s exploration of the Catholic religion and her sexuality.


A new documentary explores transgender lives in the priesthood.

Rainbows, Chocolate, And Loving Thy Neighbor

Reconciling Easter and the Rainbow Flag.

The LGBT Community Deserves To Hear More From The Pope

We don't need to be 'converted' or 'saved'...

Jesus's Sex Life On The "Down Low"

What really went on in Biblical times? Is there a lot more to Jesus than we think?

Lessons From A Muslim Lesbian

The outstanding life of Irshad Manji and what we can learn.

Pope Francis

“Who Is He to Judge? A review of Pope Francis in His Own Words, edited by Julie Collazo and Lisa Rogak”

Love is Patient.

I switched Churches at 16 because a friend of mine told me that a pretty girl played drums for their new worship band.

Coming Out As a Sacrament

A sacrament is an act that mediates the grace and mystery of God. Coming out is a sacrament for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) people of faith because it sets us on a lifelong path of manifesting God’s grace in our lives.

100 Revs

Reverends march in Mardi Gras Parade in support of Same-Sex Marriage - Anglican Bishop signs statement of support

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