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Chris Paynter's "To Love Free"

The painful reality of cancer transformed into a tender love story.

Radclyffe's Taking Fire

Radclyffe’s “First Responder” series is turning out to be an excellent and powerful departure from her more traditional romances.

BL Miller's Accidental Love

A good solid old school romance. Worth the read!

The Journey Somewhere - A Romance by Suzie Carr

Have you ever kissed someone and found they heated you right to the core?

K.G. MacGregor's Anyone But You

Well-written and well-researched, not just a sizzling romance.

Pigeon Post by Jae

Another delightful short in the Shape-Shifter series.

AJ Adaire's Anything Your Heart Desires

Sequel to AJ Adaire’s 'Friends'.

RJ Nolan's In A Heartbeat

A romantic story we can all identify with full of angst and issues - sequel to La Metro

Sandra Moran's "The Addendum"

Make sure you read "Nudge" first...

Finding Eve

Lilith & Eve Explore Each Others Bodies at the Pool

A Hollywood Happy Ending

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

A Sweet Lesbian Romance set in Hollywood Where Cupid has a Good Laugh

Departure From The Script by Jae

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