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Book Reviews: Fiction

KG MacGregor's "Life After Love"

Allyn Teague may be a gay divorcee, but she’s hardly happy about it...

Jade Winters' "Faking It"

Brooke smiled as her mouth hovered near Danni’s ear...

Karelia Stetz-Waters' "Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before"

Express yourself so you can respect yourself...

"The Return" by Ana Matics

Interview with Ellen Simpson.

Monica Nolan's Dolly Dingle, Lesbian Landlady

As the out innkeeper of a boardinghouse inhabited by inverts, Dolly Dingle is determined to bring the abode up to code and serve as gal pal and confidante to the lesidents. Er, residents.

Unwrap These Presents – Ed. Astrid Ohletz and R.G. Emanuelle

A great anthology of seasonally themed short stories by top class writers and all the profits go to support homeless LGBTIQ youth – don’t be a Scrooge, just buy it!

Carole Wolf – "Everything"

Heart breaking, poignant, and moving - a magnificent story of self destruction and redemption.

If I Die Before I Wake by Liz McMullen

Witches, spirits and friends

L.T. Smith's "Still Life"

A great book that touches on the "does she - doesn't she" insecurities we all suffer.

Julie Anne Peters - Lies My Girlfriend Told Me

Alix is in the queerest of quandaries: now that she knows there was nothing true about her true love, should she mourn or scorn her goner of a girlfriend?

Karis Walsh's Blindsided

Karis Walsh writes good stories with strong, interesting characters and Blindsided is  a charming and entertaining read.

Pigeon Post by Jae

Another delightful short in the Shape-Shifter series.

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