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The Long Weekend - Clare Lydon

Nine friends, a twenty year anniversary reunion; add in a secluded country setting, plenty of wine, laughter, drama and the inevitable personality clashes.

Crazy Little Thing - Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner

In order to untie the knot, these (f)lawfully wedded wives must return to their state of matrimony. But do they really want to undo “I do”?

The Last Conception - Gabriel Constans

Captivating and sublime, a love story with an amazing and intriguing sub-plot.

"Undone" - E.M. Hodge

If you love women you cannot help but engage with the passion and fall in love with the words.

Maggie Brown's “Mackenzie’s Beat”

An exciting Australian Detective story with nonstop action and a great cast of characters—fast paced, complex, and with some interesting twists.

“A House of Light and Stone” by E. J. Runyon

A Ten-Year-Old’s Quest to be a “Real Girl”.

"For the Love of Cake" by Erin Dutton

A bake-off reality show involving a hot chef, a drooling contestant and a lot of cake.. what’s not to love?

Killed in Escrow: A Lauren Vellequette Mystery by Jennifer L. Jordan

Follow the smart lesbian protagonist, Lauren Vellequette in this well constructed mystery novel.

Driving Lessons: A You Know Who Girls Novel – Annameekee Hesik

Layup and coming basketball player Abbey Brooks is dribbling her way through dykedom. Will she power forward and stop guarding her secret from Mom? And will Abbey’s love life ever go into overdrive, or even overtime?

Tie Dye and Flannel (Chase and Rowan series) by Rhavensfyre

Well written “Traditional Romance” with wonderful strong women characters, a well rounded cast, excellent erotic scenes and a real sense of time and place which grounds the novel in reality.

"Filigrane" by Y. L. Wigman

A Lesbian thriller/suspense fiction novel.

Kathleen Knowles' "A Spark of Heavenly Fire"

When Beth desires to attend medical school, a monetary malady develops, and it’s up to Kerry to find a remedy.

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