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"Long Snows Moon" by Stacey Darlington

A romance with mystery, surprises, magic, and wonderful messages.

"Making a Comeback" - Julie Blair

A romance delicately balancing despair and loss.

"A Story of Now" - Emily O’Beirne

Check out the debut novel of Australian author Emily O’Beirne. She takes us back to when we are nineteen going on twenty, emotions feel bigger than life, and you experience you first love.

"Lilies of the Bowery" - Lily R. Mason

A vivid romace.

"The U-Haul Diary" - K.B. Draper

A young woman’s so-called love life is crazy sexy, but will she find the TLC?

"Good Enough to Eat" - Alison Grey and Jae

A female vampire with a drinking problem, say no more!

Don't Be Shy (Volume 1): A Collection of Erotic Lesbian Stories

Are you up for something spicy? For some fun with toys and with fantasies come to life? Twelve talented authors show us how arousing lesbian erotic short stories can be.

Price of Honor (Honor Series Book 9) – Radclyffe

The Honor Series continues to pull you in, setting new challenges.

"Come to My Window" - Mia Kerick

A young adult fiction on the early struggles and first love...

At the Water’s Edge by Harper Bliss

For those who enjoy some angst and dysfunction, but with a lot of oomph in the bedroom.

"Heather Has Two Mommies" – Lesléa Newman

Groundbreaking LGBT-friendly children’s book gets a welcome update.

"The Revelation of Beatrice Darby" - Jean Copeland

Beatrice Darby may work in a library, but she doesn’t do anything by the book.

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