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Archive of: Book Reviews

Girl Meets Girl Book 1: Never-Tied Nora

Cheyenne Blue's novella is better than Romeo and Juliet.

Elizabeth Andre's 'The Time Slip Girl'

Falling through time back to 1908

Review Of Ann McMan's Backcast

When lesbian landlubbers congregate at a lakefront writing retreat, will they capitalize on the experience or just capsize it?

"The Light Of The World" Review

Urban fantasy with a difference.

G. Benson's All The Little Moments: A Review

Parenting 101 for a reluctant aunt who needs to raise her brother’s children.

Cantor Gold Returns In Ann Aptaker's Tarnished Gold

This "noir" page-turner is set in New York City's art world in the 1950s.

Club Storyville by Riley LaShea

When a young woman develops an attraction to her grandmother’s caregiver, will she nurse her crush? Or will she forfeit her feelings in favour of the fundamentals of femininity in the 1940s?

Lesbian Romance Meets Awesome Fantasy: The Tales of Y’Myran Series

Banshee's Honor: Tales of Y'Myran Book One by Shaylynn Rose

"Popcorn Love" by KL Hughes

Finding love in the most unexpected ways. A wonderful novel for hopeless romantics

"The Red Files" by Lee Winter

One for the romance lovers!

"Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory" by Barbara Ann Wright

What’s not to like about Lady Vikings, monsters and magic?

"Tangled Roots" - Marianne K. Martin

Anna and Nessie are colorblind in a world where the emancipation of blacks still has whites seeing red.

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