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Review: RJ Nolan's 'Wounded Souls'

This offering from RJ Nolan is a skillful slow-burn medical romance.

Lori L Lake's Gun Shy: Book One In The Gun Series

This lesbian story entranced me and left me begging for more.

Victoria Avilan's 'A Small Country About To Vanish'

This is a beautifully crafted narrative set against turbulent Israeli politics.

Queer Lady Love And The Bible In 'South Of Sunshine' By Dana Elmendorf

Everything is preachy-keen in Sunshine, a small town that’s big on homogeny—but not on homosexuality.

Crime Anthology 'Lesbians On The Loose: Crime Writers On The Lam'

These are tales of murder, mayhem, and suspense by some of today's finest crime writers.

KD Williamson's 'Blurred Lines (Cops And Docs)' Volume 1

This lesbian romance gives you everything you yearn for.

Sapphic Vintage Mysticism Sparkles In 'The Great Bravura' By Jill Dearman

Prose and conjurers link like a magician’s rings in this tale of midcentury mysticism. Now you “seer,” now you don’t!

Humour And Lesbian Romance Converge In 'Bunny Finds A Friend' By Hazel Yeats

A lesbian fiction romance that combines a fine dose of humour with an interesting plot.

'Stowe Away': The Must Read Lesbian Romance

Life doesn’t always go the easy way for university student Sam in this lesbian romance.

A Story Of Loss And Recovery In 'The Dance' By Suzie Carr

This beautifully queer-tinged novel by author Suzie Carr tells a story of recovery from loss, nurtured by nature, and a blossoming love.

Release The Stars: A Contemporary Lesbian Romance Novel

This is a contemporary lesbian romance novel set in the glitzy world of Hollywood.

Lesbian Romance In 'A Little Bit Of Spice' By Georgia Beers

This queer romance novel from a lesbian fiction great is like a warm, chocolate fudge sundae on a lazy afternoon.

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