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Archive of: Humour

Kara’s Corner

Kara Barnard, lesbian cartoonist, brings a smile to your screen.

Lesbians are Shaking up Straight Ladies’ Closets

9 Ways Lesbians Have Given Straight Women A Fashion Edge.

It’s Another Year, but Where’s Ms. Right?

5 Reasons You’re Still Single.

Lesbian Emojis

The best way to express your lesbian needs and desire for fish tacos to the world.

“Plus One” Peril

Can You Take Your Girlfriend To The Christmas Party?

Merry (hiccup) Christmas!

The Lesbian Drinking Game

How To Handle An Ex Moving On First

What to do when you're left behind.

Scene Lesbians - The 5 Main Types

Can you relate? Which one are you?

Awkward Questions Straight People Ask Lesbians

Here's the top 12 and how to inappropriately answer them.

The 5 Types Of Lesbian NOT To Date

It’s a battlefield out there. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right girl for you.

Lesbian Lingo Meanings

8 phrases…8 hilarious "straight" interpretations!

Everything I Know About The Global Financial Crisis In One Hour

The highly talented performance group Post return to the stage in one of their silliest, funniest shows about the financial meltdown.

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