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Archive of: Humour

Things My Ex Would Say About Me

Do you ever wonder what legacy you left with your ex?

Kirsty Webeck Is The Hottest New Name On The Comedy Circuit

In two and a half short years, she has gone from being a full-time public servant, to being a full-time comedian.

Queer Advice: Lacie And Robin On Why Parties Suck

Do parties cause you anxiety? Lacie and Robin share their thoughts on why parties suck.

Queer Advice: Why It Gets Better As You Get Older

Lacie and Robin share some of the perks of ageing.

Advice From Queer Women: Why Are Vegans So Annoying?

This week, in-house queers Lacie and Robin discuss why vegans constantly talk about being vegan.

How I Recovered From Christmas

A step by step guide.

Top 10 Things Lesbians Want For Christmas

Dyke-ing the halls.

Queering Cultural Appropriation

Making queer culture "Pop"

The Origin of the Undercut

You are never going to believe who's behind this baddie lesbian doo!

The Glitta Supernova Experience - “Let’s get METAphysical”

Camp humour and sexual satire in a cosmic and lewd porno parody that’s strictly adults only.

50 Classic Lesbian Comments

Have you heard or said any of these lezzie comments?

Nearly Drowning in Maui Taught Me About Dating

Here's the 4 things I learned.

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