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Archive of: Humour

Lacie And Robin Present: Lesbian Couple Gripes

This week, Lacie and Robin discuss what drives them crazy about each other.

Lacie And Robin Take On Ghostbusters

Lacie and Robin give us their take on the 2016 remake in this part movie review, part rant.

Lacie And Robin Vs. Vegan Bacon

The comedic duo taste test three types of vegan bacon.

Lacie vs. Robin In LGBT Girlfriend Tag

Will Lacie and Robin correctly answer each other's questions?

Queer Advice: Ask A Lesbian Couple

Lacie and Robin answer questions about cats, money, and sex!

Lacie And Robin: High Lesbian History

Billie Jean King and the battle of the sexes.

Queer Advice With Lacie And Robin: When Lesbians Lose Their Shit

Find out what annoying habit Lacie has developed.

Queer Advice Opens Up! How Lacie Met Robin

Everyone loves hearing about a couple's first time meeting.

Queer Advice: Shocking Confessions Of A Guilty Housewife

Lacie has kept a secret from Robin. What could it be?

Lacie And Robin Present Drunk Lesbian History

In honour of Women's History Month, Lacie and Robin highlight a famous lesbian from recent history.

Queer Advice: Lacie And Robin On How To Be A Horrible Wife

We all have moments when we mess up in our relationships.

Queer Advice: Lacie And Robin On Being Hooked On Social Media

Lacie and Robin discuss their increasing addiction to social media.

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