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Archive of: Coming Out

Lacie And Robin's Lesbian Advice: Coming Out Twice

Lacie shares her pretty damn strange coming out story.

Coming Out On High: Queer Love In The Name Of God

I was baptised for the girl I loved.

Coming Out Stories And Advice From Two Clever Queer Women

Lacie and Robin give you some helpful tips about coming out.

Carol and Coming Out

Trueness, love, and coming in to oneself.

Her Winning Streak

Olympian Anastasia Bucsis came out for Sochi and for global LGBT youth.

In Your Skin

Ignore the labels others put on you.

Coaching and Coming Out

Life can be thrown into chaos when coming out as lesbian and the whole process can be very scary.

My Big Fat Greek Coming Out

A Greek girl’s journey from the closest to self-acceptance and happiness.

Finding a Way Forward: Coming Out in Taiwan

In Taiwan, being a young butch lesbian can be a cultural challenge, especially when coming out to a family with traditional values. Pat Hsu shares her story with us.

Growing Up Greek & Gay

There’s an in-joke that us Greeks have which goes, “Greeks invented homosexuality”. This probably stems from the historical evidence that in ancient Greece, taking a lover of the same sex was just a natural part of life.

Has a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Intersex (LGBTI) person close to you died by suicide?

The Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) at Griffith University, in conjunction with beyondblue, is conducting a study

Coming Out Story by Jacklyn

I knew he was leaving my life for good. I couldn’t blame him. But after spending over six years together, I just thought I would still take some place in his.

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