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Archive of: Fund Lesbian Projects

Family - A Feature Documentary

A one-hour documentary that explores the far-reaching impact of child sexual abuse on individuals and families.

Scratching the surface of the story behind new Aussie coming of age lesbian indy film Skin Deep

Sometimes projects take on a life of their own. For writer/actor Monica Zanetti, director Jonnie Leahy and producer Rosie Lourde, their film Skin Deep has done just that

DEFENCES Feature Film

Two sexy women in love. One violent criminal act. Set in the worlds of law and rock n roll. Designed to expose and abolish the Homosexual Advance Defence.

Help kickstart LaQuisha’s Odyssey

Kickstart LaQuisha’s Odyssey computer game and not only will you be saving the world, you’ll also be supporting a unique and hilarious game for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning market.

We Are Family

6 artists are creating images about Gay Lesbian Bi Transgender Intersex and Queer Families

Cat Skin

The story of Cat and April that blurs the boundaries of friendship and relationship to define a love that transcends gender

I Am…..2014 Identity Calendar

Once again the QAHC Lesbian Health Action Group are producing a calendar for the women in the LGBTIQ community in Queensland to be launched by Carol Lloyd, Australia’s First lady of Rock and Healthy Communities patron, at the International Lesbian Day (ILD) Expo on Oct 13 at Riverside Receptions.

Successful crowdfunding campaign for polyamorous children’s book

Sarah Corner, a Melbourne schoolteacher, authored Raf and the Robots after realising there was a distinct lack of children’s books portraying non-nuclear families in Australia.

Drag Queen Super Heros and Lesbian Ninjas!

Think ‘Priscilla meets The Misfits! Queensland filmmakers have launched a crowd funding campaign to fund the production of a new short film called Jinilicious.

Doco on LGBTI Depression Needs our Help

'High Risk' explores why the LGBTI community has a higher risk of depression and suicidal ideation than the rest of the non-LGBTI community.

Are you the next lesbian film star?

Louise Wadley is the director of a lesbian feature film called ‘The Trouble With E’ being made in Sydney and she is looking for a new lead cast member.

The Trouble With E

Help new Aussie lesbian flick the Trouble with E reach completion.

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