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Archive of: Fund Lesbian Projects


With the help of talented cast and crew, “Reflection” completed its production in 2013. It happened with very little money, thanks to the tremendous support from friends and family. Currently, the film is in the last stages of post-production

It Will Be Forever Treble Clef

My name is Enrico, I'm 33 years old and it's one year that I'm finally myself. I live in the north part of Italy, surrounded by beautyful landscapes.

Love Bytes - The Web Series

Gay, Lesbian and straight dating has never been so Queer.

Changing The World, One Sanitary Pad At A Time

Imagine having to miss school every time you got your period - and having to use leaves and bark as a makeshift absorbent - leaving you at risk of infection.

Jenny's Wedding

When Jenny decides to marry a woman, her conventional family is forced to accept who she is or risk losing their daughter and their self respect.

The Film to make a big difference for the Russian LGBTIQ Community

Warmest wishes to your from Russia. Even though it’s very cold over here now, we have very warm hearts!

Girl Gets Girl


The 3 BITS

With Max Freeman and Margaret Singer.

QUPID: A Film Worth Making Pozible

Sydney based filmmaker Jessica Flood is the writer-director of an exciting new film called QUPID. The idea for the film stemmed from the abhorrent practice of Reparative Therapy, and Jessica is currently running a campaign on the crowd-funding website Pozible.com. We ask Jessica about her film, and the abhorrent practice of reparative therapy in Australia and the USA.

La Souffrance

shooting the first EVER French-language, lesbian feature film set in Australia.

The Gender Book

The creators have been drawing, writing, and researching this book for the last 3 years, and now it is in your hands to bring the first edition to life.

Qupid - You can’t force love

Kidnap victim Roo stares down the barrel of a loaded syringe. Pointing the needle is Quentin, a wannabe Cupid who thinks he's found the cure to heartbreak. But all Roo can see is a crazy junkie, so she's going to do whatever she can to get away

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