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Archive of: Fund Lesbian Projects

To Each Her Own Films Reaches out to Crowdfund its Latest Feature Dramedy

Serious And Sexy Filmmaker, Heather Tobin to Make New Lezzy Feature.

The ‘Brooks’ Is Back In Town

“Loving Annabelle” writer-director Katherine Brooks is back and she’s bringing a new film with her!

Movie Musical for Marriage-Equality

A marvelous girl-meets-girl love story to change hearts and minds in Michigan.

LGBT Teens To Feature In Groundbreaking New Aussie TV Drama

‘Subject to Change’ features same-sex attracted lead characters in high school.

Help Stamp Out The Abuse

Every year, thousands of tourists take elephant rides on their holidays, unaware of the hidden cruelty they’re unwittingly contributing to.


A new documentary explores transgender lives in the priesthood.

MIA XARA – More Than Just Another Love Story!

»BBC called it a fascinating story and territory, American award winning film director Nicole Conn described it as her cup of tea.«

What We Do For Love

A new short film, Aprille/Desirae, explores the little things in a difficult relationship that will determine the turn it will take.

"Kim Kadarshian: Hollywood" - Most Progressive Game Out?

It may not be particularly challenging…but it's take in sexuality is a step in the right direction for gaming.

Kickstarting a Raw and Edgy Lesbian Drama

To Here Knows When finds two women bound by a tragic fate, discovering truth, love, beauty, and purpose.

Birds of a Feather

New kids’ books will promote diversity and inclusion.

Section II Launches

Section II Launches with Classic Content and New Seed and Spark CrowdFunding Campaign To Help Provide #BetterRepresentation for Queer Women in Film and Popular Culture

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