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A new documentary explores transgender lives in the priesthood.

Transphobia is a Form of Feminist Self Loathing

Bully Bloggers are neither radical nor Feminist.

How Do We Understand & Talk About Trans Kids?

It's important to have the right language and ability to understand this generation.

Queerly Beloved: A Love Story Across Genders, by Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Memoir Tells Two Sides of Transition

‘Visible and Celebrated’ LGBTI Seniors Awards

The first ever Queensland LGBTI Seniors Awards, ‘Visible and Celebrated,’ will honour community elders in August during Seniors Week.

Ageing Outrageously Well

A special Healthy Ageing Open Day for LGBTI people

Gender Transitions Captured Through a Camera Lens

Transgender couple presents photographs of their opposite transitions.

Sam Berliner’s Short Film

Astutely observed and sweetly compelling, a universally relatable film series about trans dating.

My Personal Struggle With Trans Acceptance

As a gay woman, I felt transgenderism was homophobic and sexist. It took a while to understand that it's neither.

GLBTQI Social and Support Group

A GLBTQI Social and Support Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has started meeting in Maroubra.

Trans men share their stories of overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Three trans men have bravely shared their stories as part of a new beyondblue project aimed at inspiring others to do the same.

It Will Be Forever Treble Clef

My name is Enrico, I'm 33 years old and it's one year that I'm finally myself. I live in the north part of Italy, surrounded by beautyful landscapes.

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