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UK Education Secretary Confronts Russian Minister About LGBT Rights

The UK Secretary of State for Education took the Russian Education Minister to task at the international political event Education World Forum, on the issue of Russia's terrible LGBT rights record.

Romanian Orthodox Church Takes Steps Against Same-Sex Marriage

Priests are gathering signatures from parishioners in hopes of amending the Constitution to disallow same-sex marriage.

Landmark Ruling In US Lesbian Family Custody Battle

Judge rules that the now-separated lesbian mothers have equal parental rights to their child.

First US Republican Lawmaker Supports Equality Act

The Equality Act would prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination.

Lesbian Activist Jeanne Cordova Dies At 67

The activist, author, and pioneer dedicated her life to gay and lesbian rights.

Starman: David Bowie

David Bowie changed many queer lives.

Lesbian Mothers In Finland Seek Legal Reforms

Activists are seeking a citizens’ initiative that will encourage parliament to make legal changes.

Slovenia Repeals Marriage Equality

Voters decided to end the law passed by the country’s parliament.

US Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Same-Sex Adoption Ruling

This case carries implications for any gay or lesbian adoptive parent in Alabama.

Greek Parliament Discusses Steps Towards Legalising Same-Sex Unions

Greece is one of the last EU states to recognise same-sex unions.

American State Asked To List Same-Sex Parents On Birth Certificates

Couples in Florida ask a federal court to order state officials to respect their families.

First Lesbian Elected Student Body President In South Korea

Seoul National University welcomes diversity on campus.

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