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US' Kentucky Senate Passes 'License To Discriminate' Bill

The bill would allow businesses to legally refuse service to LGBTI individuals on the basis of religious belief.

Indiana City Passes LGBT Protection Ordinance

Passing the ordinance sends a message to state lawmakers that LGBT protections are needed.

Colorado Introduces Bill To Ban LGBT 'Conversion Therapy'

The bill would ban LGBT conversion therapy for people under the age of 18.

Hong Kong Denies Lesbian's Spousal Visa

A judge has ruled that Hong Kong will not recognise 'overseas concepts' of a spouse.

Puerto Rico Judge Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban

The judge's decision is being petitioned by the Puerto Rican government.

New York City Signs Gender Identity-Appropriate Public Restroom Use Into Law

The New York City Mayor has signed an executive order that will allow people to use public facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

Indonesian Government Proposes Laws Against LGBT 'Propaganda'

The Indonesian Government is drafting a bill that will ban websites that “promote” LGBT “propaganda,” including Facebook and Tumblr.

Italian Court To Recognise First Adoption Request From A Lesbian Couple

The ruling comes in the midst of controversy surrounding Italian LGBT adoption rights.

Utah State Senate Considers Changing Hate Crime Laws

The American state is one of many that doesn't have adequate protection for the LGBT community.

Queer American Student Settles Free Speech Lawsuit Over Dress Code

The school said her "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian" shirt was "promoting sex."

LGBT Activists Rally For Civil Rights In America

Queer activists want to see "sexual orientation, gender identity" included in Indiana's civil rights law.

Plans To Open Centre For LGBT Asylum Seekers In Berlin

There are an estimated 3500 LGBT asylum seekers in Berlin.

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