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Study Finds One In Four Countries Criminalises Being A Lesbian

'Breaking the Silence' reveals that it is illegal to be a lesbian in almost a quarter of the world's countries.

Italy Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions

Italy was the last major western country to legally recognise same-sex relationships

Mississippi Becomes Second State To Be Sued Over Anti-LGBT Legislation

The southern state's law is known as the broadest anti-LGBT legislation in the United States.

North Carolina Sues United States Over Anti-LGBT Legislation

North Carolina's Governor has continued to defend the discriminatory law.

US Justice Department Challenges North Carolina's Anti-Trans Bathroom Law

The US Principle Deputy Assistant Attorney General has warned that the state's bathroom laws are in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

'Frozen' Fans Urge Disney To Give Elsa A Girlfriend In Sequel

Come on Disney, let go of Elsa's heterosexuality. After all, love is an open door.

North Carolina Lawmakers File To Repeal Anti-LGBT Law

The controversial law has sparked outrage across America.

UK Issues Warning For LGBT Travellers Visiting North Carolina And Mississippi

LGBT travellers may face discrimination in the US, the UK Foreign Office has warned.

USA To Picture Female Abolitionist Harriet Tubman On New 20 Dollar Note

The US Treasury Secretary said women have been absent from US currency for too long.

Retired US Fire Lieutenant Wins Gender Discrimination Case

Lori Franchina's harassment lasted years, with superiors ignoring her complaints.

Louisiana To Repeal Religious Liberty Order In Protection Of LGBT Rights

The governor has said, "discrimination is not a Louisiana value."

North Carolina Responds To Anti-LGBT Legislation

Just weeks after passing the discriminatory law, the governor has issued an executive order.

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