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Archive of: Fitness and Health

The Mental Pain Reliever for Lesbians and Others: Hypnosis

An experience we can all relate to is pain.

Avoid the Crowds & the Delays this Christmas Season

Online shopping has grown significantly in the past few years, namely within the beauty and fashion sector

Using donor sperm and IVF to create rainbow babies

Over the past decade the number of same sex couples accessing donor sperm and assisted reproductive technology to help them start a family has doubled.

Exercise Tips for Mardi Gras

The aim of this workout is to target all the different muscle fibre types in the one workout

Scrap The New Years Resolutions

Set your intentions in a daily journal instead.

When you wish upon a Star Creature…

I never really liked exercising. I hid under the blankets with my comfort foods watching DVDs, never really exploring what it feels like to love being in my body.

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

Brrr too cold to train ? Think again.

10 fitness myths you should know.

Personal Trainer Diana Martin busts some common held myths and beliefs about fitness and exercise.

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