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Benefits of Pet Massage

Pets of all sizes can benefit from massage especially those suffering from joint issues such as arthritis.

Don't have a dog to walk? Borrow a neighbours.

Our resident vet - Dr Aish Ryan gives us tips for dog lovers who are dog-less.

Ethical Pet Foods

Our resident vet Dr Aish provides a very interesting look at the ethical side of pet food.

Feeding Backyard Chooks

Resident vet Dr Aish tell us why chooks make ideal pets and the best ways to care for them .

Keeping Our Senior Pets Comfortable This Winter

LOTL's resident vet Dr Aish gives us the lowdown on caring for older pets in the family this winter .

Help these cats find a home

Help Ann Marie raise money to give these five cats a new home in the country.

Pet Grief: Suffering in Silence

A column for people who love their pets with the same depth they love their children.

A very special V-day

The Cat Protection Society is asking for your support this Valentine's Day.

Give a dog a bone

For the fifth year the “Give a dog a bone ..keep kitty content “ appeal is asking you to add an extra item of pet food to your shopping in December.

Meet Bobby Dove a lovable pup that needs a home

Monika Biernacki owner of Doggie Rescue tells us why some dogs just seem to wind up on death row...

Care for Pets in Sydney

Headed out of town for the holidays? Leave the furry ones happy at home and Lonely Pets Club will take care of the rest

Dogs past their 'use-by date' flood pounds

Perfectly healthy dogs with many years of their life still ahead of them are being callously abandoned at Sydney’s dog pounds to face an untimely end - simply because their owners see them as too old and past their use-by date. Monika Biernacki reports.

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