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The Shy Dog And The Homophobic Neighbour

This is how to ensure your pet's needs are met while keeping the peace at home.

How To Date When You Have Pets

Does your dog help you pick up the ladies?

Taking Care Of Ageing Pets In A Queer Family

Are you, your partner, and your vet on the same page when it comes to caring for your elderly animals?

Welcome To (Super-Queer) Parkour For Canines

This outdoor activity might be gayer than softball!

Can You Really Find Your Soulmate In A 'Heart Dog'?

Finding your soul mate in a dog might be problematic.

Researchers Believe Dogs See Us As Family

Researchers make a discover that lesbians already knew.

Party Animals

Brush up on your lesbian pet etiquette.

Dealing With Pet Custody Battles

Try to not let things get too messy

Lesbians and Our Pets

Discussing our community and the love affair with pets.

A Tale of Herding Cats

Fire! What to do in a fur family emergency.

Stay Safe Walking Your Pets

Here are some tips for walking after dark.

Approaches to Caring for Elderly Fur Family

The Lesbian and the Aging Pet.

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