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February 2016 Horoscope

If your heart goes aflutter and flies away, blame it on Venus which squares Mars through most of the month.

Lacie And Robin's Lesbian Advice: Coming Out Twice

Lacie shares her pretty damn strange coming out story.

Lesbian Sex 101: The Cunnilingus Countdown

7 suggestions for a good, queer lickin'.

Coming Out On High: Queer Love In The Name Of God

I was baptised for the girl I loved.

Lesbian Dating: 5 Red Flags That She’s Not The One

How do we know the difference between normal relationship stuff and signs that she’s not the one for us?

Lesbian Dating: The Thrill Of The Chase

Got your eye on an alpha female that's all about the chase? Natash nuts out this difficult lesbian dating scenario.

Coming Out Stories And Advice From Two Clever Queer Women

Lacie and Robin give you some helpful tips about coming out.

Summer Horoscope: January/February 2016

Enjoy a fresh new start to life. Mars in Scorpio increases our passion while Venus in Sagittarius knows no bounds … unless that is your “thing.”

Myths About Lesbian Sex And Desire Debunked

Everything you've been taught about women's sexual desire is wrong. And lesbians have the most orgasms of all!

How To Break Up With A Lesbian...Only Once

Efficiency in "Queer Adulting"

Your Guide To Getting Wet

Lube love

Gay Straight Talk: When To Speak Up

And when to stay silent?

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