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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

Your Harness Shopping Guide

Feeling Strap-Happy

Loving another Woman: The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

The joy of giving—and giving yourself permission—is the greatest gift of all.

When Bad Sex Happens to Good People

Getting rubbed the wrong way...

How To Handle Your Ex Moving On First

A step-by-step guide to getting over your ex.

Is it Ever OK to Date Your Ex?

Relationship relapse...

The Love Bud…

If you ask most people to describe the clitoris they’ll likely tell you it’s a pea sized nub at the top end of the labia minora.

Where Do I Get Me Some of That?!

Tips for having that wild, romance novel kind of sex.

Secrets of Sexual Chemistry

Do you have 11 protons? Cause you’re sodium fine.

How To Handle A Straight Girl Crush

We've all been there at some point - here is a little advice!

4 Messages Not To Send On Lesbian OKCupid

Do’s and don’ts for online lesbian relationship success.

How To: Having a Lady-Loving Threesome


In Your Dreams!

What your sex-filled sleep is telling you.

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