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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

Safer Sex

The safer sex guide for every queer identity.

Finding the Girl Who's a Quadruple Threat

If we find our dream girl, the one that is bad ass and amazing, are we destined for compatibility?

Do's & Don'ts for Hitting on Women

Where do we go wrong when it comes to hitting on each other?

Relationship Column

Ask the expert!

Kicking Dating Drama To The Curb

Here are 3 ways I refocused on myself and reduced dating drama.

Organising Life, Starting With Relationships

Time to clean out the clutter...

Deal Breakers In Lesbian Dating

Here's 5 handy tips to help you navigate the dating world.

17 Signs That Tell If You're In Love With Her

You’ve got it bad, here's how to tell if you're really in to her.

The 4 Signs That Tell You a Relationship is Over

Why do we stay too long in unhealthy relationships?

Where Have the Butterflies Gone?

Sex advice from a lesbian psychic.

The Dream Lawyers

A new law firm that believes legal services should be used when needed and for value. Here are some tips to be legally savvy, whatever issue you may encounter.

Sensual Communication

When the body speaks and you shut up to listen.

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