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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

Her Launches In Australia

After thousands of requests from LGBT Australians, the app for queer women is here!

Is Girl Code A Thing?

After a friend violates a boundary in the worst way, I examine my own history in breaking girl code.

A Parisian Guide on Being a Lesbian

Girls have the softest skin, enjoy it!

Cheers to Anal Sex for Lady Queers

Bottoms Up!

My Exes Have Been My Biggest Teachers in Life

I discover 4 lessons I learned from the greatest teachers I’ve had in life – my ex-girlfriends.

My Wild Summer

Here's the 5 things I learned.

Tips for Taming the Jealousy Monster

The Jelly Green Giant...

Nearly Drowning in Maui Taught Me About Dating

Here's the 4 things I learned.

THE Habit You Need to Change in your Dating Life

It's all about the boundaries!

A Blissful Partnership in 5 Hours

Hetero marital therapy theories work for us too.

How To Work Out Your Craydar

How to tell the difference between a woman who has made genuine mistakes, and one who is just cray-cray...

Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Before Dating a Friend

Is it worth the risk to move from friends to lovers?

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