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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

Just One Drink

I go out for the first time after months of heartbreak and discover that graceful or not, moving forward is an adventure.

Sexually Fluid Field Notes

When queer women sleep with straight men

Tales From Tinder Call Out

This Aussie web series is looking for lesbian dating app stories. Don't stress, you can remain totally anonymous.

Her Launches In Australia

After thousands of requests from LGBT Australians, the app for queer women is here!

Is Girl Code A Thing?

After a friend violates a boundary in the worst way, I examine my own history in breaking girl code.

A Parisian Guide on Being a Lesbian

Girls have the softest skin, enjoy it!

Cheers to Anal Sex for Lady Queers

Bottoms Up!

My Exes Have Been My Biggest Teachers in Life

I discover 4 lessons I learned from the greatest teachers I’ve had in life – my ex-girlfriends.

My Wild Summer

Here's the 5 things I learned.

Tips for Taming the Jealousy Monster

The Jelly Green Giant...

Nearly Drowning in Maui Taught Me About Dating

Here's the 4 things I learned.

THE Habit You Need to Change in your Dating Life

It's all about the boundaries!

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