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Archive of: Sex and Relationships

Lesbian Dating: 5 Red Flags That She’s Not The One

How do we know the difference between normal relationship stuff and signs that she’s not the one for us?

Lesbian Dating: The Thrill Of The Chase

Got your eye on an alpha female that's all about the chase? Natash nuts out this difficult lesbian dating scenario.

Myths About Lesbian Sex And Desire Debunked

Everything you've been taught about women's sexual desire is wrong. And lesbians have the most orgasms of all!

How To Break Up With A Lesbian...Only Once

Efficiency in "Queer Adulting"

Your Guide To Getting Wet

Lube love

Mindfully Starting Over In The New Year

I explore my own tendency to move through life on autopilot rather than mindfully as I examine my role in a past relationship.

Make It Valentine's Day Every Day Of The Year

These relationship skills last longer than chocolates and flowers.

Lipstick and Dipstick: Stone Butch Blues

One lezzy doesn’t want it to be all about her. Another does.

How Do You Navigate The Holidays With A New Girlfriend?

I explore the shift from hanging out with my friends for the holidays to hanging out with my girl’s family.

Answers For Your 3 Biggest Questions About Lesbian Dating

Lesbian dating can be a challenge, but you should know up front that it's not your fault!

Why Do We Ignore Red Flags In Relationships?

I hit my dating rock bottom and learn about my rose coloured glasses.

Durex Launches #Condomemoji Campaign to Create The First Official Safe Sex Emoji

Show your support by using the official hashtag #condomemoji

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