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New Queer Web Series: Fauk My Life

An intriguing new queer, female-focused web series pilot has arrived, and needs your help to get off the ground!

First Girl I Loved: Our Queer American High School Drama Dream Is Hitting Aus

She was the yearbook photographer, she was the star of the softball team. Can we make it any more obvious?

What Is Love? New Aussie Doco Series Explores Diverse Genders & Sexualities

Baby don’t hurt me.

Two Gorgeous WoC Star In New Lesbian Rom-Com

It's called 'Kismet' and it's your new favourite thing!

Help Make "Pot Luck" Season Two

The hugely successful webseries is crowdfunding for Season two!

‘Heartland’ Directed By Maura Anderson

Returning home after the death of her girlfriend, Lauren finds that small town attitudes haven’t shifted much since she’s been gone.

Introducing New Zealand's First Lesbian Webseries

Three friends make a pact, which turns their weekly potluck dinners into a search for love!

Handsome Devil Is "Irresistible"

This charming coming-of-age is one you won't want to miss!

Film Review Of Lovesong

A lesbian love story that pulls at the heartstrings.

Sydney Film Festival Boasts Record Number of Queer Films

We run through SFF’s queer offerings for 2017: still not enough lesbians, but it is definitely progress!

Exclusive Interview With LGBTI Ally Patricia Arquette

The Oscar-winning actor, activist and GLAAD Vanguard Award winner gets real about what is needed to support the LGBTI community.

FAFSWAG: Auckland’s Underground Vogue Scene

Premiering tonight, the New Zealand LGBTQI Pacific Arts Collective is headlining the brand new doco series Zealandia.

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