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Hannah Gadsby Is Back

New Australian tour dates just announced.

Gender Free World Elevates Slow Fashion

The brand has launched the world’s first dedicated brand led pre-loved buy and sell group.

A Taste Of A Smile Now Out On The Lesbian Romantic

It's the 4th novel-length story that will be released on the podcast feed.

April 2019 Online Horoscope

Our overly romantic view of love could get us into trouble. Signals could get crossed with Mars in flirtatious Gemini. As April continues, we can easily shift gears into lusty overdrive into May and June. Are three ladies too much to handle? I think not!

Brand New Inclusive Family Story Time Puppet Shows

The shows capture the imagination of children and their families while teaching about empathy, diversity, equality, love, and adventure.

Naomi Mourra At Sydney Comedy Festival

Sydney’s only Lebanese, lesbian, ex-Jehovah’s Witness, comedian.

Big Lez At Sydney Comedy Festival

KD Lang riding a unicorn into a Women's AFL game realness.

LOTL Archives Go Digital

In its almost 30 years on the planet, LOTL has had many firsts.

Up Close With Joan As Police Woman

When she hears the name of this publication she lets out a huge laugh “because, hello, lesbians are on the loose. Yes they are!”

Book Review: Committed by Suzanne Falter

A strong relationship tested in tough times.

Free Tickets To See Bed Party Encore!

Who doesn’t love to party in bed?

7 Reasons Why Bisexuality Is Just A “Fashion”

Veteran country warbler Dolly Parton recently voiced that old (ahem, sorry, “new”) chestnut of an opinion in an interview with British newspaper The Sun - that bisexuality is just a “fashion”. Curve explains why she’s totally right…

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