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Archive of: Music Reviews

Lane Moore Directs Badass New Video

Romance’s gender-bending vid for "Philadelphia".

New Album to be Released by Michelle Malone

Stronger Than You Think set to empower us.

Chana Rothman’s New CD

For LGBT families and their kids.

Jen Foster - She's Back!

New perspective, new music project.

Sofia Sheds Ice Cold Love

The latest single from Sofia: Ice Cold Love is here!

Pale Honey's Latest Album

Here comes some big rock!

Sick of Sarah Release New Single “Rooftops”

Upcoming Anthem EP.

"Seeing Red / Feeling Blue" - Mojo Juju is Back!

With an uptown funk style and groove, Juju is defying expectations.

"Unguarded" - Siobahn Hotaling's New Album

Hotaling lets down her guard.

"Raised on the Plains"- Jesse Lafser's New Release

Lafser brings us a classic road trip album.

Misty Odell Delivers Her Third Album “The Struggle”

No struggling here with this powerful album.

"What’s Mine" - Anne Steele’s EP

This original music is a treat, especially for LGBT listeners.

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