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Archive of: Music Reviews

New Album to be Released by Michelle Malone

Stronger Than You Think set to empower us.

Chana Rothman’s New CD

For LGBT families and their kids.

Jen Foster - She's Back!

New perspective, new music project.

Sofia Sheds Ice Cold Love

The latest single from Sofia: Ice Cold Love is here!

Pale Honey's Latest Album

Here comes some big rock!

Sick of Sarah Release New Single “Rooftops”

Upcoming Anthem EP.

"Seeing Red / Feeling Blue" - Mojo Juju is Back!

With an uptown funk style and groove, Juju is defying expectations.

"Unguarded" - Siobahn Hotaling's New Album

Hotaling lets down her guard.

"Raised on the Plains"- Jesse Lafser's New Release

Lafser brings us a classic road trip album.

Misty Odell Delivers Her Third Album “The Struggle”

No struggling here with this powerful album.

"What’s Mine" - Anne Steele’s EP

This original music is a treat, especially for LGBT listeners.

EP "Book of Beasts"

No Beasts Here

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