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Archive of: Film

Short Film - Empty Sky

J. Michael Vargas depicts love found and love lost.

"Once Upon a Time in Queens" with Actor Renee Props

Exclusive interview about latest upcoming film!

Lesbian Film - Mango Kiss

Birthdays always suck.

Short Film "Quiet" is a Must See

Why does this still happen?

Make Sure You Add 'Camp Belvidere' to Your LGBT Collection!

Girls Camp Anyone?

A Change in Scenery Can Change Your Life - A Village Affair

Sometimes love just isn't enough.

Anatomy of a Love Scene

Does true love really exist?

A Poignant Tale of Love and Loss

New Lesbian Brazilian Film you need to see!

Super Studs

Let The Mighty Kings Reign

In Search of Answers, Alexa Finds Herself

It really does get better.

AWOL by Deb Shoval

Award winning short film.

Being Warmed this Winter

Us Sapphic sisters huddled side-by-side, sipping Black Russians in the foyer and trying to forget the cold.

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