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Archive of: Family and Parenting

A resource kit for same sex families

A crowd funding campaign has been launched to get a resource kit out there for same sex families.

DOCList expands to include Mental Health

Finding a lesbian friendly medical practitioner or mental health professional just got simpler, thanks to DOCList.

Helping our children confront schoolyard hostility

Children of same-sex parents can carry the burden of being closeted if we fail to support them by being out.

Same sex adoption bill passes in NSW

Same sex couples will now have the same rights as their straight counterparts when it comes to adopting children, with the Adoption Amendment (same Sex Couples) Tfinally passed by NSW Parliament.

Safe Schools - for same sex attracted students

Roz Ward reports on a place where every teacher can teach and every student can learn…

Same-sex Adoption Bill

The law should protect children's rights and support all loving families, and I am proud to have introduced a Private Member's Bill that would allow adoption for same-sex couples. I call on the Government and Opposition to support equality through my Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill.

Adoprion Rights In Switzerland

A petition calling for equal adoption rights for same-sex couples has been handed into the Swiss parliament.

Lesbian parents best for kids

A 20-year study has revealed children of lesbian parents may be better adjusted than those raised in so-called traditional families.

Parliamentary inquiry into Gay Parenting

Chair of the South Australian Parliament’s Social Development Committee, Ian Hunter MLC, has welcomed an inquiry by the Committee to investigate issues regarding gay parenting in South Australia.

Street wise children

How to teach your children to be "street wise"

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