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There is Something Hot in the Snow

Winter Olympian Belle Brockhoff tells about her love of snowboarding, being out in Sochi and whether what happens in the Olympic Village stays in the Olympic Village

Exercise Boosts Your Sex Drive

We all know that a few days a week at the gym will make we feel happier, more confident, and our sex drive will start to pump.

There is Something Hot in the Snow

Winter Olympian Belle Brockhoff tells LOTL about her love of snowboarding and coming out

Shrouded in Gold

It started with a noticeboard and finished with 2 Olympic Medals. Meet Nat Cook - the only Australian woman to compete in 5 Olympic Games.

Going for Gold: Lesbian Sporting Histories

From mountaineers to motorboating champions, LOTL checks out the women who helped create greater acceptance of LGBT identities in sports.

Footballers commit to ending homophobia in sport

In what’s described as a first for major professional sports in Australia, the Australian Football League and Australia Rugby Union today will commit to eliminating homophobia in sport.

Human Rights activist Noelene Nabulivou speaks about her lifelong commitment to equality

Human Rights activist Noelene Nabulivou will be speaking as part of the Human Rights Forum “Power Through Action” at the upcoming Asia Pacific Outgames to be held in Darwin, May 14-16, 2014.

Sochi Athletes Need To Be Congratulated For Lgbti Activism

The Australian Greens will move a motion in the Senate congratulating all Australian athletes who are standing up for the LGBTI community while attending the Sochi Winter Olympics when Parliament resumes

Ilga Oceania Regional Conference In Conjunction With The 2014 Darwin Outgames

ILGA, the world’s only United Nations recognised federation of LGBTI organisations, with over 1,000 members across the globe on every continent except Antarctica, is having its first conference (14-16 May 2014).

Greek winter olympians show russians where they can stick their bigotry

Kudos to the Greek Winter Olympic team for showing their Russian hosts the proverbial middle finger with a bright, colorful response to the Russian bigotry towards gays and lesbians

Don’t miss Outgames at Mardi Gras Fair Day

This Sunday the Fair Day Sports Village will be alive with the Darwin Outgames stall full of fun, prizes, information and opportunities for registration.

Lesbian Australian Snowboarder Belle Brockhoff Hopes To Make Statement Against Putin

AUSTRALIAN snowboarder Belle Brockhoff has touched down in Sochi vowing to make a statement against Vladimir Putin's anti-gay laws.

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