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The Private Lives 2 (2012) study by La Trobe University researchers of almost 4,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) Australians found that 23% reported having a disability or long-term health condition

Did Big Brother kill the love affair between Tully Smyth and Tahlia Farrant?

TULLY can give up any hope of reconciliation after a shattered looking Tahlia packed up and quit their inner-city home

Macquarie University cracks down on anti-Abbott T-shirts

Security demanded that they shut down their stall and leave because some students had complained that the T-shirts were 'offensive' and 'made them feel unsafe' according to Lauren Hargreaves, Campus Engagement Development Officer.

Alliance supports “Healthy Thinking” to reduce LGBTI suicide

Young LGBTI people, particularly around the time of coming out, are particularly vulnerable to suicidal thoughts”, said Alliance Executive Director, Warren Talbot. “Research suggests that suicide rates are 6 times those of their heterosexual peers

What R U Having?

A provocative new campaign has been launched by supporters of marriage equality.

A Global Study on Same-Sex Marriage

A Global Study provides us with some food for thought by comparing people's views in different counties about gay marriage, legal recognition of same-sex relationships and adoption by same-sex couples.

National Transgender Study - The E-Male Project

Here is your chance to set the record straight. Get involved in the Australian online research study aiming to provide accurate information on what it is like to be a female-to-male (FtM) transgender person or a “transman” in Australia today.

Sex Discrimination Bill passed in House of Reps.

A Bill has been passed in the House of Representatives ensuring new protections for sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex people.

Cate and Mia to Play Lovers

Cate Blanchet and Mia Wasikowska are set to play lesbian lovers in a book adaptation.

International LGBT2020 Homophobia Report

International LGBT2020 Homophobia Report reveals widespread homophobia, violence and harassment of LGBT people in countries all over the world

A Casual Encounter

Michelle Fisher explores the etiquette around the casual sexual encounter - the do's and dont's that every girl should consider!

Save the Red Rattler!

The Red Rattler needs to raise $40k in less than 45 days so it can continue into the future.

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