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Megan Fox Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence

This bisexual bombshell and actress is doing her bit to end violence against women.

3,900 Years Of Committed Same Sex Couples

Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Foster and her partner of seven years, Virginia Edwards, took part in the campaign at Fair Day

Aussie 'Modern Family' Filming A Boost For Marriage Equality

With generous donation towards Australian Marriage Equality of $10,000 from Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Chaz Bono Hits Sydney For Mardi Gras

Queer Thinking: Gender Trailblazers An evening with Chaz Bono and Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor AM

Greek winter olympians show russians where they can stick their bigotry

Kudos to the Greek Winter Olympic team for showing their Russian hosts the proverbial middle finger with a bright, colorful response to the Russian bigotry towards gays and lesbians

To Russia, where is your love?

This is a conversation all of us should be having. For the sake of people we do not know, Russians we will never meet, people who hope everyday that they won’t be targeted because of their sexuality.

Why This Transgender Teen's Big Victory Matters

Wayne Maines was in a meeting when he got the call. His daughter, a transgender teenager who had been fighting the state of Maine for years over her right to use the girls' bathroom at school, had finally won.

New Political Party Launched In Melbourne

The Australian Equality Party (AEP) launched Sunday February 2 in Melbourne.

Join the NOH8 Campaign for the first #NOH8Worldwide photo shoot in AUSTRALIA!

The NOH8 Campaign has received overwhelming support from around the world, and has appeared in various local and national news programs and publications.

Celebrating bravery in 2013

New Year's Eve brings with it some fun, some reflection and often resolutions to do better next year. It's a time when we recall everything from the top stories that changed the world to the top chatter that lit up our social networks.

Marriage Equality Advocates Applaud Modern Family Celebrity Donation

Australian marriage equality advocates have applauded a donation to the cause from "Modern Family's" Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Number Of People Living With Marriage Equality Climbs To 700 Million

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — A new analysis undertaken by Melbourne-based LGBT rights activist, Tony Pitman, has revealed that there are now 700 million people worldwide living in jurisdictions with full marriage equality.

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