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The Marriage Equality Film Set to Make a Difference

An interview with the people behind the short film We Will.

Nothing But PRIDE

Homosexuality shouldn't be criminalised anywhere, this video aims to promote the change.

Androgynous Supermodel Takes the Stage In First New York City Men’s Fashion Week

Rain Dove wows the fashion crowd.

The Semicolon Project

; don't let your story end...

#LoveIsLove Landmark Campaign

Lesbian couple in Absolut Love

Epic Glamour Awards Speech by Amy Schumer

So good it's going viral!

Short Film - Make A Difference

It's the allies who can really help the change.

The World Loses a Blues Legend

B.B. King dies at age 89, may his soul Rest in Peace.

Gay & Lesbian Pedestrian Lights in Vienna

Ahead of the upcoming Eurovision, traffic lights are now gay or straight as opposed to just red or green.

Why Miley Matters

LGBT People Are Committing Suicide, So We Need Celebrity Voices

Video to Promote Marriage Equality in Ireland

The Love of the Irish

Vanessa Hudgens and LGBT Acceptance

"If you're a good person, I will love you"

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