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Why what Raven-Symone Told Oprah was Right

Do We Even Need Labels Anyway?

72 Years of True Love Sees Couple in their 90's Finally Tie the Knot!

The longest "phase" we've ever heard of...A beautiful sight, congratulations!

How Lesbians Are Misinterpreted by Str8 Media

Lost in Translation

Prison Pin-Ups

Want more Orange Is The New Black? Pin your favorite character to your wall!

Portia de Rossi Moving Out?

According to Star magazine, the couple’s marriage is “hanging by a thread,” and “now the actress is echoing the whispers of trouble by trying to buy back her old apartment!”

WorkingOUT – Supporting the employment needs of the LGBTIQ Community

WorkingOUT is a free, specialist employment service for LGBTI people with a disability or mental health condition.

Aussie Celebrity Marries Same-Sex Partner In N.Y. Ceremony Advocates Call For Recognition Of Overseas Same-Sex Marriages

Marriage equality advocates have congratulated Australian broadcaster and comedian, Julie McCrossin, on her marriage to Melissa Gibson in New York City and have urged the Australian Government to recognise overseas same-sex marriages.

Miranda Kerr Open to Lesbian Love

The Victoria's Secret model revealed that she was keen to experiment and date women.

#LOVESOCHI, Rally and Support WorldPride 2014 ~ To Russia With Love

Send a universal message of love to Russians living under oppression

RIP, Fred Phelps: Your Legacy Is Not What You May Think

Why the extreme Right religious leader played a pivotal role in the LGBT rights movement.

Against Uganda

African demonstrators urge their country to fight poverty, corruption, and HIV, not gays and lesbians.

Carly and Tresne reveal they are a Couple

They're the positive thinking platinum blonde duo who appear as best friends on My Kitchen Rules. But competition darlings Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton have revealed they are actually a real life couple.

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