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Meet Substance

The Openly Lesbian, Bilingual hip hop/pop artist.

Ariel Schrag's Novel - Adam

When a lesbro among lesbros assumes the identity of a trans man...

Slowly Healing

Tiana V's debut EP.

A Poignant Tale of Love and Loss

New Lesbian Brazilian Film you need to see!

Melissa Amstutz and HERS’ new album, Youth Revisited.

Small Town Girl Brings Big Meaning to New Album

Super Studs

Let The Mighty Kings Reign

Young Aussie Taking Over Hip Hop

Iggy Azalea –The New Classic

AJ Adaire's Anything Your Heart Desires

Sequel to AJ Adaire’s 'Friends'.

Young Talent 'Sofia' Releases 'Perfect Storm'

Sofia the wise is simple beautiful...

Della Martin's Twilight Girl

Lon Harris is a dreamer, but has no idea where the dreams will lead her…’

In Search of Answers, Alexa Finds Herself

It really does get better.

RJ Nolan's In A Heartbeat

A romantic story we can all identify with full of angst and issues - sequel to La Metro

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