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Book Reviews: Romance

Andrea Bramhall's "Swordfish"

A great entertainment by Bramhall, if you like action and romance then read on!

Jae – "Under a Falling Star"

Great example of an excellent Romance.

Diane Marina's "How Still My Love"

If you like a traditional romance - then this book is for you!

Amy Dunne's "Seasons Meetings"

A road trip that throws two opposites together – An excellent tale of love set against the backdrop of a snowy Christmas in the Scottish highlands.

Natasha Lee's "The Green Muse"

"He would never suspect in a million years that his lesbian daughter, almost thirty years old, is a stripper at The Green Muse”.

Lynn Galli's "Blessed Twice"

Wounded hearts are on the mend in this sweet romance.

Lynn Ames' "Bright Lights of Summer"

A nostalgic tale that brings together the love of softball and a sweetheart romance set against the backdrop of the Second World War.

Brandy T. Wilson's "The Palace Blues"

Soft butch Frankie falls hard for bluesy, ballsy Jean Bailey, a cross-dressing crooner who likes to muddy the Ethel Waters. But is this loose chanteuse just looking for a little sugar in her bowl?

Emily Smith - "Searching For Forever"

What happens when latent lesbian Dr. Natalie Jenner meets heart-stopping paramedic Charlie Thompson? Perhaps it's just what the doctor ordered.

Susan X. Meagher's "Out of Whack"

What happens when the orderly life of a CPA collides with the Russian mafia?

Kim Bladwin's "Taken By Storm"

An enjoyable action adventure story mixed with some sweet romance.

Jen Silver's Starting Over

A novel woven from romance, intrigue and humor, set in the north of England.

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