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Young Talent 'Sofia' Releases 'Perfect Storm'

Sofia the wise is simple beautiful...

Della Martin's Twilight Girl

Lon Harris is a dreamer, but has no idea where the dreams will lead her…’

In Search of Answers, Alexa Finds Herself

It really does get better.

RJ Nolan's In A Heartbeat

A romantic story we can all identify with full of angst and issues - sequel to La Metro

Melinda Clayton's Appalachian Justice

An inspiring book about courage and bravery set in the Appalachian mountains.

Sandra Moran's "The Addendum"

Make sure you read "Nudge" first...

Sarah & The Meanies

The girls talk about live shows, inspiration and of course, their music.

AWOL by Deb Shoval

Award winning short film.

Persistence Pays Off! - "This Is How I Save My Life"

A story by Amy B. Scher

Dark Fair –Turning the Heads

It’s a little raw. Probably a bit dark. A bit edgy. And a bit angsty.

Indie-Rock Band, Perpetual Detour Releases Their Single, “Little by Little”

Life is Better When You Take a Detour

Finding Eve

Lilith & Eve Explore Each Others Bodies at the Pool

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