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Seeking Supportive Services for Older LGBT Women

A new study from Western Sydney University has prompted further research into support services for older LGBT women.

A Cat In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Beautiful one year old, Charlotte, is an exceptional feline, looking for a forever home to share with her brother Steve.

6 Ways To Take Back The Weight Room

If a gym was a battlefield, let’s learn how to win the war.

Could This Be The Reason You're Not Losing Weight?

Not seeing changes in your body despite working out and eating well? The speed of your workout could be the reason.

How To Move Your Relationship Out Of The Past

And consciously create a relationship that is in the present.

5 Things Lesbians With Mental Illness Want You To Know

We love relationships, but it can be hell when your partner doesn't understand your mental illness.

3 Benefits Of Taking It Slow

Slowing down at the start of a relationship not only saves time, but may make you closer and healthier.

5 Tips For When You’ve Been Outed

A guide for coping with the exposure of your sexual orientation.

11 Reasons Why Being Lesbian Is Amazing

Straight friends, get ready to be envious…

Top 5 Exercises For Butch Bodies

We don’t have mainstream training goals, so let’s not train like we do.

Socialization Checklist For A Queer Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy to the queer household.

Why Your Long-Term Relationship Deserves A Hiatus

Six reasons why your relationship needs a break before you decide to end it.

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