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The Shy Dog And The Homophobic Neighbour

This is how to ensure your pet's needs are met while keeping the peace at home.

June Horoscope 2016

Between flirty Venus in Gemini and passionate Mars in Scorpio, we are destined to do a little love damage this month. Will you take no prisoners or succumb to the ball and chain?

Ask The Expert: Should You Go On A Second Date With Her?

After an awkward first date, is it worth going on a second one?

Stop Making "My Ideal Girlfriend" Lists

As a habitual list maker, I forgo making yet another list of what I want in my next girlfriend.

How To Date When You Have Pets

Does your dog help you pick up the ladies?

6 Things To Know About The Girl You Like Who Just Ended Her Relationship

It can be difficult dating a girl that just got out of a relationship.

The Similarities Between Caffeine Addiction Recovery And Dating

Turns out, caffeine withdrawal symptoms aren't all that different from getting clean from a toxic relationship addiction.

Taking Care Of Ageing Pets In A Queer Family

Are you, your partner, and your vet on the same page when it comes to caring for your elderly animals?

April Horoscope 2016

If the world shifts on its axis for us this April, don’t be surprised.

When Is It Time To Call It Quits?

Is your queer relationship lacking passion?

Welcome To (Super-Queer) Parkour For Canines

This outdoor activity might be gayer than softball!

Should I Text My Ex?

Should I? Shouldn't I? The question we have all asked ourselves at some point.

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